How much is shipping?

We use USPS shipping rates.

can you print my design for me?

Sorry, no. We don't offer letterpress printing as a separate service. However, see collaboration section below. 

cAn we Collaborate? 

If it's a good fit, yes! Feel free to Contact us with your idea. 

How do I contact Freak Show press?

It's easy, see our Contact page! 

Where is Freak Show Press based?

The Freak Show Press letterpress studio is located in Western Massachusetts.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on your location. If you're concerned or have questions please Contact us.

Return policy:

Most of our items are handmade and produced in limited batches, for that reason, Freak Show Press does not offer returns.

Lost packages:

We are not responsible for packages lost in transit. Please Contact us if you think something went wrong.